Sci Finetech Co.

Sci Finetech has been producing and supplying laboratory equipment to every kind of lab and renowned research institutions of many.


N-Biotek is a manufacturer of biomedical and lab equipment, known for attractive designs, unique features, and outstanding quality. We offer products for cell processing including various incubators, and centrifugal concentrators.

Impact Test Equipment

High quality UK manufactured test sieves, together with complimentary particle size analysis equipment and accessories. We carry a large stockholding to enable us to supply thousands of sieves and other products to your requirements.


TopAir Systems is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and providing innovative clean air solutions based on the latest technology. Our flexibility allows us to customize products in accordance with customer requests regarding sizes, technical specifications and accessories.


BIOBASE Group is specialized in products of 8 areas including medical diagnosis, biosafety protection, disinfection and sterilization, water purification system, infant care products, cold chain products, software products, clean room project.


Operon is company specializing in cryogenics. They offer various freeze dryers, deep freezers, and cooling technologies to meet the need of any laboratory. They specialize in cooling and vacuum systems on the core technology of -156°C cryogenic cooling and -203°C multi-freezer.


Daihan Labtech is a leading manufacturer of testing equipment, from laboratory to industrial products. Their offerings include baths, incubators and shakers, ovens, furnaces, autoclaves, test chambers, growth chambers, and industrial test chambers.


Shimazu has introduced user-friendly instruments and features to the market, such as temperature-based fully-automatic calibration, the first one-piece forcecell (OPF, later called UniBloc), the high-sensitivity AEM-5200 micro balance, and the Advanced Processing System for better weighing measurements.

ANTECH Scientific

ANTECH Scientific is committed to offering quality laboratory and medical products. Our cold storage solutions include deep freezers, pharmacy refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, cold rooms, smart connectivity data loggers, ice makers, and various liquid nitrogen storage and transport solutions.


Hermle is specialized in the development and manufacturing of laboratory centrifuges. The Germany based company is one of the key players in centrifugation worldwide, and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for IVD-products. Centrifuges from Hermle have been used in laboratories for more than 60 years all over the world.